NatureChlor Product

What is Electrolyzed Water?

Electrolyzed Water is comprised of all natural ingredients made by combining water, salt, and a little bit of electricity. The process is called Electrolysis which generates a powerful disinfectant (hypochlorus acid) that can be used as a safe and effective alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals usually present in household cleaners. ControlOMatic has been utilizing the process of electrolysis for many years in the pool and spa industry to keep swimmers safe. We are proud to be able to use this same technology in a new application to offer a safe and affordable way to create your own disinfectant right inside your own home.

When HOCl is applied on food or contact surfaces, it behaves as an oxidizing agent. When reduced by organic matter, it leaves no harmful residues and therefore no potable water post-rinse is required. The aforementioned features make electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid) a superior operational solution for any food-service provider, saving time and resources and enabling frequent, real-time application.