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Above & Beyond Surfaces is your go-to source for disinfecting products in the Amarillo, TX area. From all-purpose surface disinfectant to long-lasting hand sanitizer, we've got your back when it comes to sanitation. With our effective products, you can keep your commercial space free of germs. Your employees won't need to take as many sick days and your customers will feel safe at your business.

Call 925-922-5748 now to order all-purpose surface disinfectant or hand sanitizer. We sell up to 275-gallon totes of both products.

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When you need disinfecting products for your business, turn to Above & Beyond Surfaces for help. We're a reliable distributor committed to keeping businesses in our community safe. You should purchase products from us because:

We include a free sprayer with our disinfectant

We only sell highly effective products that we trust

We sell our disinfectant and hand sanitizer in multiple sizes